Industry Training

Content Consistency

We can deliver production training, optimize workflows, improve your productivity as well as the quality and consistency of your output. We can help make it happen with bespoke training designed to deliver a uniform production skillset for your chosen team, delivering engaging content to multiple platforms.



Improved Productivity

We can help upskill existing staff or induct interns or trainees with online tutorials which will ensure everybody is attaining an agreed proficiency - set by you and implemented by us. All of this training is tailored to your particular requirements so that none of your staff's training is wasted on irrelevant information.

Interactive as Standard

Our tutorial videos come with interactivity as standard. This enables staff to engage with learning in meaningful ways and track their progress at modular and course level. For the employer, it gives an overview of student learning, proficiency in particular areas and insights as to which areas of course content are proving problematic.



Feeding Back

Training is a two-way thing and all of our courses have feedback forms included so that we can respond to queries. Our online courses can be supplemented with face to face workshops, seminars or training to reinforce training and deal with specific requests.