Pro Tools Ground Up

Do I Need Pro Tools ?

Pro Tools Ground Up

Tweakel’s beginners’ guide to Pro Tools software. Learn how to use this varied and versatile software starting from the very beginning. This course will step you through a series of 22 HD video tutorials and interactive quizzes, to make sure you’re learning as you go.

Each section of the course covers a specific area of Pro Tools – giving you the building blocks to start using Pro Tools with extreme confidence.

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Created By Radio Producers For Radio Producers

If you're working in or producing for radio Pro Tools Ground Up is custom built for you. This beginners course teaches you what you need to know. We've included practical tutorials which will talk you through the complete production process from importing audio, through editing, mixing and outputting your finished piece.

Learn at your Own Pace

We've broken down this course into byte size individual videos. Take you time to work your way through individual tutorials and learn at your own pace. Test your knowledge as you go with our interactive quizzes. Your videos will be accessible at any time and in any place and on any internet-enabled device.

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Course Overview

PTGU Module 1

  • 01. Basics of Sound
  • 02. Introduction to Pro Tools
  • 03. Importing Audio - Part 1
  • 04. Importing Audio - Part 2
PTGU Module 2

  • 01. Edit Window - Introduction
  • 02. Edit Window - Zoom Controls
  • 03. Edit Window - Working with Tracks
  • 04. Edit and Separate
  • 05. Non-Destuctive Editing and Edit Modes
PTGU Module 3

  • 01. Editing the Promo - Part 1
  • 02. Editing the Promo - Part 2
PTGU Module 4

  • 01. Keyboard Focus
  • 02. Selecting and Navigating
  • 03. Memory Locations and Markers
  • 04. Labelling Clips
PTGU Module 5

  • 01. Music Edit - Part 1
  • 02. Music Edit - Part 2
  • 03. Sound Effects
PTGU Module 6

  • 01. Mix Window
  • 02. Mixing the Promo
  • 03. Master Fader
PTGU Module 7

  • 01. Saving and Moving