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Tweakel at the TY Expo

Tweakel at the TY EXPO

There’s great excitement around TweakelHQ as we get ready to launch TY Transmission at the TY Expo, kicking off In The Hub, Kilkenny on the 16th and 17th of September. It’s going to be the grand unveiling of our State of The Art Vocal Coach also, so keep...

IIA s2 – L is for Barry Lang

L is for Barry Lang

Barry LangTodays letter in the Irish Indie Alphabet is L for Barry Lang.

As one of the first presenters on the Sunday morning show the Beatbox he will forever hold a place in the hearts of a...

Irish Indie Alphabet s2 – K is for Kool

K is for Kool

  david bowie  

Todays letter in the Irish Indie Alphabet is K for Kool. As in those rare few of the Indie fraternity that are just Kool beyond compare. The reason for the K is that it suits todays letter is the regular "Cool"...