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Your Career in Radio
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Writing For Radio

Radio Commercials Script

During this workshop, you will write 2 different forms of radio. Here's some pointers on writing a radio commercial script
  • Timing

    • Radio Commercial scripts are usually a certain length e.g. 10, 20 or 30 seconds
    • An average script will usually have approximately 3 words per second
    • Best way to time a script is to read it aloud and...
Preparing a Live Link
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Editing Audio

Audacity Tutorials

Audacity is a free audio editor which is used by many radio producers. Below we have included 2 video tutorials outlining the basics of how to use this software. Watch the videos at least once or as many times as you feel you need before progressing to the practical work below. [accordions] [accordion title="Audacity Tools" visible="yes"][vimeo id="149347241"][/accordion] [accordion...

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