Editing Audio

Audacity Tutorials

Audacity is a free audio editor which is used by many radio producers. Below we have included 2 video tutorials outlining the basics of how to use this software. Watch the videos at least once or as many times as you feel you need before progressing to the practical work below.

Radio Commercial Edit

Once you've recorded your radio commercial voiceover, you can import it into Audacity - together with this file (right click to download it). This is a version of the Supermacs ad which doesn't contain one part of the voiceover. Edit your voiceover into the relevant section in the ad and edit the voiceover so it fits neatly into the available time.

Live Link Edit

This is a more advanced exercise and may require more editing of your recorded voiceover. Start by importing this file (right click to download it) into Audacity. We have deliberately left a 60 second section where you can insert your recorded live link. If your live link is longer than 60 seconds, you'll need to edit it in Audacity so that it fits into the available time.


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