Tweakel is the brainchild of the people at Tinpot Productions, a creative audio production company based in Dublin, Ireland.
Tinpot have been working with audio in many of its myriad forms for over a decade. Now, we’re sharing our expertise via tweakel.com, the online training portal, custom built with you in mind.

About Tinpot

Our aim is to work with partners to deliver valuable resources to enhance learning. Instead of generic video tutorials full of irrelevant content, we design bespoke interactive videos, full of relevant content to reach learning outcomes that you set out. Working with our clients, Tweakel offer exclusively branded, individually designed tutorials to match and compliment our clients learning paths

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What we do

We provide Industry standard training across all audio and media softwares, delivered through Innovative and Interactive Online Video Tutorials.

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Who we work with

We work with Industry Leaders, World Class Universities and Colleges, Secondary Schools and Progressive Individuals


How we do it

Using cutting edge Interactive Video Technology, Tweakel Training is bespoke and designed for each individual client. No generic videos, no irrelevant content.

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What this means for you

Clear, concise, modular HD training through interactive videos and highly bespoke, individually tailored training. We work with the Broadcasting Industry, Corporate Sector, Schools, Colleges and Universities – delivering tangible outcomes through industry leading expertise.

Our Staff


Daryl Moorhouse

Daryl has a production pedigree that stretches back to a time when leg warmers might have been in vogue. In the land of media production and working as Tinpot Productions supremo, there's scarcely a job he hasn't done. As a media trainer, he has worked with numerous national and international learning providers. Tweakel.com is the new found medium to bring that wealth of knowledge to the world, one tutorial at a time.

Declan Healy

Unfortunately for us, training doesn't always sell itself. Just as well we've got Declan then. He's the front-of-house sales solutions person - delivering exceptional insights and service to our roster of clients. He has a unique combination of musical and management skills - a left-brain/right-brain combination that means our customers get the best bespoke, innovative solutions.


Sean Byrne

As well as being an acclaimed sound engineer and composer, Sean is also on top of a lot of the technology that makes tweakel tick. You'll often him buried knee-deep in the website back-end, fixing that and improving the other to make sure our subscribers get the best eduactional experience and ensuring that we're all over the cutting edge.

Amy O'Connell

Most of what you see and hear on tweakel.com will have wound it's way through Amy's hard drive. She is our production powerhouse, helping to delivering exceptional quality HD video and interactive solutions. Thankfully, she's not intimidated by adjustment layers. She eats bezier curves for breakfast. And porridge too, sometimes.